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Ever worried about being out of date with news and happenings around the country? Or maybe you have to open different sites and apps on your phone to get the latest news in Nigeria.

A simple solution to get the latest nigerian news is right here

The Nigeria Newspaper app brings all the Nigerian dailies and magazine in one app, so you don't have to download the different apps on your phone. The Nigerian Newspaper app is a light-weight app for android, blackberry and Amazon mobile phones and tablet

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With over 60 news sources (Newspapers, magazines and major blogs), you get all the news and latest Nigeria news from the magazines and newspapers. You can customize the list so that you don't see what you don't see what you don't like to see. Amazing, right?

Nigerian Newspaper is totally free, so you can download it for free from the play store/app world of your phone and/or tablets.

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